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Alctron CS55 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


Original price was: UGX750,000.00.Current price is: UGX680,000.00.

Alctron CS55 Condenser Microphone
The Alctron CS55 condenser recording microphone has a 34mm large diaphragm capsule. Ideal for vocal recordings for studio performances, as well as acoustic instruments. Included is a uniquely designed shock mount.

Large Diaphragm
CS55 is a condenser recording microphone adopts 34mm large diagrams condenser capsule. It makes the capsule to pick up the sound more distinct and natural. CS55 features with high sensitivity output, low noise, and wide frequency response and so on. The shell uses an aluminum alloy and NO.304 metal mesh. Its newly design shock mount prevents microphone drop off and reduces vibrations during recording.

Cardioid (Uni-Directional) Pick Up
The uni-directional pick up pattern means the CS55 can be used effectively in live scenario's where there are other sounds on stage. Also great for studio use, especially for recording vocals. With a gold-plate diaphragm capsule, exacting FET, low self-noise, high output and authentic reproduction of sound, the CS55 is built to professional standards and is perfect for many recording/performance situations.


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