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Original price was: UGX2,700,000.00.Current price is: UGX2,500,000.00.

Pro MIXER performance ready to withstand even the most rigorous of routines, Numark’s all new Scratch is a 24-bit two channel mixer that fuses Pro features and an in-demand software suite at a price point that begs belief. Combining an all-metal “Built-Like-A-Tank” build with professional features such as a built-in innofader crossfader, performance pads, instant loop encoder, and toggle paddles to trigger software-based effects, Scratch is set to dominate the Scratch mixer category, establishing a new standard for mixers at this affordable price point - there is simply nothing that combines the features, versatility, ease-of-use, quality and performance of this unit, anywhere. Software FX The Numark Scratch offers a versatile array of features with powerful simplicity: six direct access software FX buttons deliver quick access to a comprehensive array of effects with both timing and intensity controls. These effects are triggered by a pair of intuitive performance base toggle paddles, usually only found in mixers at premium price points. Superior sound quality whatever your setup play your best with the best! The professional quality of the Numark Scratch is unrivalled - with an impressive 108dB S/N ratio, performance-driven connectivity, and 24-bit digital sound quality. Plus there is a low/high-pass filter that is not software-dependent, so it works as conveniently and effectively with analogue turntables as it does with software-based FX and controlling versatility! Innofader crossfader everything the turntable demands is here including a butter-smooth innofader. This high-quality crossfader is engineered especially for Scratch DJs offering bullet-proof reliability that’s perfect for the heaviest-handed Scratch DJ and the hottest non-stop action. There’s even reverse and slope controls for must-have adaptability in any performance setting. Dvs ready Scratch includes the full version of Serato DJ Pro and the complete DVS expansion pack (a $99 value). the DVS expansion pack gives you immediate access to connect turntables or CD/media players and control Serato DJ Pro using NoiseMap Control Tone vinyl or CDs. With the included Serato DJ Pro License you can also connect any dedicated controller, like the Numark NDX500 and have a full setup at your fingertips. Instant loop encoder looping simplified! Keep the beat going by pressing the encoder down, and it will loop to the default parameters set in your software. Turn the knob to the right to extend the beat and to the left to shorten the loop – it’s that easy! Performance pads 4 performance pads deliver hot cue triggering, rolls for creative build-ups and quick beat stabs, and sampler control so DJs can spice up their mix — all unheard of at this price point. Separate direct access software looping controls are found on each channel, allowing DJs to unleash their creativity. Connectivity Scratch features all the necessities for any setup scenario. Combining XLR main outputs, a unbalanced booth output, unbalanced line/ phono channel inputs, a microphone/auxiliary input for XLR or ¼-inch TS controlled, and a dedicated mic level control, Scratch is primed for whatever your next routine demands"


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