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power sequence dbx 8 channels


Original price was: UGX450,000.00.Current price is: UGX400,000.00.

With their complexity and ability to draw current, field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) require controlling the power supplied to them. Protecting the FPGA and the power supplies connected to it from excessive current draw during startup is particularly important. FPGAs will also have a recommended power sequence for other reasons beyond excessive current draw during startup. Power supply sequencing can prevent damage and extend the life of your power supply and any sensitive DSPs and FPGAs in your design. In addition to controlling the startup timing to control current draw, the power supply rails need to stay within the voltage tolerance requirements of FPGAs. These tolerances have become tighter with new process technologies, to the point where 3% total core voltage tolerance may be necessary. Sequencing the power supplies in a system can be accomplished in several ways:


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